Ambassador is against inviting coaches from Europe to Brazil

“It’s easy to blame the coach for not including the best players in the match, but it’s hard to predict what Ronaldinho or Kaka could do in the given situation. Coaches usually prepare squads for the future,” Brazilian Ambassador to Armenia Edson Marinho Duarte Monteiro said at the Media Centre in Yerevan when summing up the results of the World Cup 2014.

The ambassador stressed that Brazil had two important roles at the World Cup – that of an organizer and participant.

Although it is still unknown how Brazil’s loss in the World Cup final may affect the country’s economy, the ambassador says expectations were exceeded in Sao Paulo.

Great success has been recorded in the information technology (IT) industry, with 35 mln messages being sent from Twitter.

Mr Edson Marinho Duarte Monteiro says the loss of his country’s team came as a shock to him: he had never imagined that Brazil can suffer a 7-1 loss.

After the World Cup many say that coaches should be brought from Europe to Brazil, but I do not agree as I believe that in that case we will lose the football style typical of Brazil and South America on the whole,” he said.

Speaking about the two Brazilians playing in the Armenian football team, the ambassador said they will greatly contribute to the Armenian football.  “Of course, they are not Messi or Neymar, but it is well known that football and Latin America are inseparable,” he said.