Authorities’ foreign policy had a pendulum effect, says Armen Martirosyan (video)

A senior member of the Heritage party blames Azerbaijan’s infiltration attempts into Armenia and the ongoing tension on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border on the authorities in Armenia.

Talking to A1+, Heritage member Armen Martirosyan said the reason is ‘that our authorities gave Azerbaijan an opportunity to speak to us in the language of blackmail.

“The point is that our leadership’s foreign policy had a pendulum effect, and now we have no leverage. In addition, our authorities have vassalage to the Russian authorities. As a result, Azerbaijan, putting pressure on the international community supports their interests. Besides, they have vassal dependence from Russia, and in the result, Azerbaijan pushes forward its interests, by putting pressure on the international community.”

Mr Martirosyan says that everyone is trying to solve their problems at the expense of a country that does not have a dignity. “In the given situation, Serzh Sargsyan’s is pursuing complementary policies and serving state interests to personal interests. If we had a legitimate government and national tolerance, Azerbaijan would think a little before shooting in the direction of Armenia.

Regarding Serzh Sarghsyan is now speaking about Russia’s arms sales to Azerbaijan and the most interesting is that he made the statement during his visit to Argentina, Armen Martirosyan said, “So, the glass and walls of the Presidential Palace at 26 Baghramyan Avenue are so thick that the information has reached him now.”

The Heritage party member says the only way to come out of the situation is to change the power from top to bottom. “There is no other option.” He said.