Turkey interested in bettering its relations with Armenia (video)

On the eve of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, statements of the Turkish authorities are nothing but illusion, says Turkologist Artak Shakaryan.

He does not take Turkey’s promises on Armenian-Turkish protocols seriously. Nor will Turkey reconstruct the railroad on the segment of Kars – something it [Turkey] has been speaking about for 20 years.

“Turks are good showmen, and they can spend money on asphalting and construction to make their show plausible,” said Mr Shakaryan.

The specialist divides Armenian-Turkish relations into two stages: before the 100th anniversary of the genocide and after it. “I am convinced that starting 2016 Turkey’s denial policy will become tougher,” he stressed.

While the Turkologist does not exclude that the Armenian-Turkish border may open, he says it will not last long.

“Turkey may open its border with Armenia on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, but only for physical persons, without guaranteeing economic benefits to Armenia.”

Deputy Director of the Caucasus Institute Sergey Minasyan disagrees with Artak Shakaryan in the last issue.  The Turkish side is similarly interested in the opening of the border which will allow Turkey to strengthen its position in the Caucasus. “Turkey does not exist in the South Caucasus. There is Azerbaijan, as a little brother, and Georgia as a partner, but as long as Turkey has not established relations with Armenia, Turkey cannot age policy in the South Caucasus,” he said.