Local watermelon are more dangerous than imported ones (video)

When one has diarrhea after eating a certain vegetable, it does not yet mean that the plant had pesticides or nitrates, Artur Nikoyan, Head of the State Plant Quarantine Inspection Service, said on Monday when speaking about cases of poisoning in summer months.

He says people feel bad because of unhealthy eating habits and poor nutrition.

The specialist says the vegetables imported to Armenia are tested to determine the levels of nitrates and pesticides and are put up for sale only if they comply with the requirements of the RA legislation.

“Recently we monitored the market that grows vegetables. “The picture was quite good, with only a small amount of nitrate being found in watermelons. Let me remind you that we also import watermelons from Brazil, Iran, Georgia and Turkey, and we have not found excessive amounts of nitrates and pesticides in watermelons,” said Mr Nikoyan.