Commander does not exclude a possible resumption of hostilities (video)

Manvel Yeghazaryan, commander of renowned Arabo detachment, does not exclude resumption of war between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

He says Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has appeared in a difficult situation.

“Aliev fully understands that if a war started and he fails to win it, he will lose everything, including his power,” Mr Yeghazaryan said adding that the war, if resumed, will last 20-30 days.

“Armenians walk with arms, sleep with arms and go out with arms and this will continue unless that ulcer called Azerbaijan comes out of our body,” he said.

The commander of Arabo detachment says Armenians only need a good organizer in order to fortify positions and prevent deaths of soldiers.

He says Azerbaijan is not a threat for Armenia. We present a danger to ourselves, because ‘we talk  more and act less.’

In the end, Mr Yeghazaryan reminded that a normal person will want to live in peace.  “”Death, fight and war mean defeats even for a winner,” he stressed.