Frosts damaged vineyards in Berkanush community (video)

This year farmers in Ararat region will harvest 50 percent less grapes of Shahumyan type: winter frosts have damaged grape vines.

Vardan Rostomyan has a 6000-square meter garden in Berkanush community. The main scope of his activity is viticulture. Over1500 of the land is used as a vineyard but the expected harvest can barely cover the costs. Chemical fertilizers are so expensive that he cannot afford to buy them. Villagers cannot grow fruit and vegetables because of the lack of irrigation water. Grigor Khudoyan grows peppers, eggplants and tomatoes on his farm. He says his torture does not produce the expected results.

Farmers say they would harvest rich crop if the problem of irrigation water was solved in the village. However, they got tired of applying to different structures and got accustomed to cultivating lands in accordance with the water supply schedule.