Opinion: Moral ethics is raped on TV (video)

The primary mission of media is to ensure fair and unbiased coverage of news. Armenia is a small country and we have a large number of TV Companies most of which do not fulfill this function, say industry experts.

Boris Navasardyan, Chairman of the Yerevan Press Club, says ‘television, as wholeness, has not fully established in Armenia, and our TV viewers have to get information from foreign TV channels in most cases.’

“Instead of providing information to their viewers, many TV companies entertain them,” says Gegham Manukyan, Director of News and Political Programs of “Yerkir Media” TV. “Many do not raise the problems of ordinary citizens, let alone moral ethics and violation of human rights. Moral ethics is raped on TV.”

Sociologist Aharon Adibekyan said, in turn, that television has an invisible function – it shapes public opinion and his surveys suggest that TV companies do not carry out their functions properly.