Karabakh Defense Army publishes photos of Azerbaijani saboteur

The Nagorno-Karabakh Defense Army published on Thursday the photos of the arms and ammunitions confiscated from the Azerbaijani troops which launched an act of sabotage against Armenian defense positions earlier on the same day.

However, the Azerbaijani side denies the reports about the armed aggression.

Today, the NKR Defense Army released new photos that confirm Azerbaijan’s infiltration attempt.

‘Unwilling to accept the reality, Azerbaijan denies any information confirming its adventurous behaviour.

Since Azerbaijan dismisses our reports about the infiltration of an Azerbaijani subversive group and doubts the authenticity of the photos we published on Thursday and the fact that the confiscated ammunitions belonged Guliyev Shahbaz Jalaloghlu – the identified member of the Azerbaijani intelligence team – we also publish his photos taken by us,” the NKR Defense Army said in a statement.