Hovik Abrahamyan hears complaints of Nairit employees and asks for time to study the matter (video)

Armenia’s Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan kept his promised and received the employees of Nairit plant who staged a protect action near the government earlier on Thursday.

Hovik Abrahamyan said he needed time [until the end of August] to get acquainted with the matter and promised that the employees will get the salaries for a month next week.

“The Prime Minister also wanted to know who is guilty for the idling state of the chemical plant. In my opinion, the former head of the government is to blame,” said Hrach Tadevosyan, Chairman of the Nairit trade union.

As reported earlier, a group of Nairit workers marched to the government building on Thursday morning to demand their back wages for 15months. They were met by Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan who promised to discuss the matter with a group of 20 employees after the regular Cabinet meeting on Thursday.