Contrived Panic in Vardenis town – says Mayor

Residents of Vardenis town were in a panic yesterday all day long. The confusion was due to the alleged subversive actions by a group of Azerbaijanis and rumors about Azerbaijani military helicopters circling over the town.

Talking to A1+, Mayor of Vardenis town Volodya Khloyan rejected the allegations labeling them ‘an anecdote.’ He says the helicopters flying over the town belong to the RA Armed Forces while the residents took them for Azerbaijani helicopters. “Those are false reports; I do not possess such information. Whoever I ask in the town begins to laugh at the rumours,” said Mr Khloyan.

He says these baseless rumours are invented and spread by coward citizens. “How can Turks dare to invade our town in broad daylight?” he said.