Azerbaijan shelled Chinari village at night

Azerbaijan kept shelling Chinari village in Armenia’s Tavush region from 10 p.m. to 3։00 a.m., Head of Chinari village Samvel Saghoyan told A1+.

“Their snipers shot at in the direction of the village from large-caliber weapons,” he said adding that Azerbaijanis targeted mainly the houses and central roads of the village.

Fortunately, the village did not have human losses, only sustained material damage. “Bullets hit roofs, smashed windows and damaged furniture in one house,” says Mr Saghoyan.

He says the shelling did not cause panic among the locals as they got used to enemy shelling and know how to protect themselves. “They sat in safe corners in their homes until the shelling stopped. People went to sleep after 3 o’clock when the shooting stopped,” said Samvel Saghoyan