Villagers’ daily food dries out due to lack of water (video)

All gardens and orchards in Aygestan village in Ararat region have shriveled as villagers cannot water them because of the lack of irrigation water.The dried fields and yellowing leaves in the fierce summer heat have become a common sight for the residents.

Juliette and her mother live on benefits and pension.  Men in this family went to work abroad. Those who stayed in the village cannot cultivate the soil due to lack of water. The fruit and vegetables grown in gardens near their houses are used for daily needs if, of course, they do not dry up before ripening.

August is the most dangerous and hottest month in the village. Villagers should water gardens at least once in three days not to lose the harvest. But in the village, people have water once every ten days. Grandpa Razmik has found an alternative solution to the problem.

Details in the video