Political expert: Russia wants to fill its demographic hole with migrants from Armenia

In its relations with Armenia, Russia seeks to solve two problems at a time, says expert Ruben Mehrabyan.

“The first is to leave Armenia without Armenians. And the second is to attract more migrants, mostly hard-working immigrants from Armenia, to fill its demographic hole. Armenians mainly go to Russia to work; you can find rare vagabonds among them,” Mr  Mehrabyan told A1+.

The expert says Armenian authorities contribute to the escalating migration with their policy. “Russia acts with the full connivance of Armenian leadership. The fewer people stay in Armenia, the less the authorities will be concerned about possible riots and protests,” says the expert. “Unable to overcome the social burden people do not pose their demands to the authorities but take the path of migration. This connivance is inadmissible. Should we have a legitimate government, this vicious phenomenon will disappear.”

On July 3, the Armenian government approved draft agreement on preferential regime for labor migrants signed with Russia. Under the agreement, the citizens of Armenia in Russia are initially exempt from registration for 30 days. The exemption applies not only to migrant workers but also their families. For stays longer than 30 days, registration is required. Preferential provisions apply to Russian citizens arriving in Armenia as the agreement is bilateral. By another agreement, citizens of Armenia may, without special permission for labour, work in the territory of Russia for one year by simply signing an employment contract with the local employer.