Prime Minister to receive guards (video)

“The police announce openly that they are competitors to private security companies, which is inadmissible as this is a body authorized by the Government of the Republic of Armenia. Consequently, private companies cannot compete with a state structure that has a dominant position,” Hovhannes Petrosyan, Chairman of the Board “Union of private guard organizations and the organizations of guard՛s trainings,” and Vahe Darbinyan, Founder and CEO at Pantera Security Agency, said on July 9.

They see corruption risks here and say the police would like to see their unions dissolved at any moment.  They cannot also understand why licensed security guards should be retrained in the police.

Every month, about 35 guards have been trained in the police in the past year. They have passed the qualifying examination and have the right to work as guards while others do not have the right which, the specialists say, is a serious social problem.

Hovhannes Petrosyan is going to meet with the Armenian Prime Minister to discuss the issue with him.