Artur Baghdasaryan apologizes to Armenians

Unfortunately, migration continues. Prices keep rising and life becomes expensive. If someone has a headache, he or she is given pain-relieving medication, unfortunately, we do not have the medicine, says Artur Baghdasaryan, Chairman of the Rule of Law (OEK) Party.

The OEK suggests shifting to a full proportional representation system. “Elections should be open and transparent.”

“Businesses should be given complete freedom, and taxes should be lowered. All structures should be combined into one. The number of supermarkets is to be curtailed. The honour of an Armenian national should become a priority,” says Artur Baghdasaryan.

The party is going to start a series of rallies, with the first one slated for July 18. Among other issues, the party will focus on the recent electricity consumer rate hike approved by the Public Services Regulatory Commission.

Baghdasrayn says the rally is opened to all political forces and calls on everyone concerned over the country’s future to take part in the meeting.

“We have our own failures and we apologize to the people,” said Mr  Baghdasaryan.