Electric bikes appeared in Yerevan streets (video)

Now you can come across electric bicycles in Yerevan streets.  Also known as e-bikes or booster bikes, these bicycles are widely used in England. Electric bikes have been imported to Armenia from China at the initiative of cyclist Ashot Khachatryan.

“We have two types of bikes – one is very continent for rides out of the city and can be ridden without pedals. The next type, a two-seat bike, is very convenient for couples,” he said.

Although there aren’t special parking spaces and lines for cyclists in Armenia, electric bikes are intended for everyone, especially for those who do not like being stuck in traffic jams.

“Electric bike hire costs AMD 8000 per day. If a person has problems the price is lowered,” said Ashot Khachatryan.

Electric bikes are the recent trend in the vehicle industry: they can be folded and easily carried from one place to the other. In some markets, such as Germany, they are gaining in popularity and taking some market share away from conventional bicycles. In Yerevan, they already have regular clients who rent e-bikes almost every day.