Water helped a child to speak more fluently (video)

If abroad newborn babies are taken to swimming pools without hesitations, the admission in Yerevan swimming pools starts from the age of 2. Armenian parents don’t trust trainers.

But specialists assure that water exercises are not only advisable for the children, but also mandatory.

Trainers advise the parents to take their children to swimming without doctor’s directions.

Pediatrician Arthur Martirosyan regrets to say that there are no special swimming pools in Armenia for newborn babies. And he thinks that it is right to take 2-year-old children into swimming and he stresses the importance of water cleanness.

Swimming trainers note that swimming exercises can have only positive influence: if a child has health problems, water can have medicinal effect.

One of the parents says that water helped the child to speak more fluently.

Details in the video