Brazil and Germany will start the fight first

Germany and Brazil will be the first to start the fight for Football World Cup final match. The teams will meet in Belu Orizzonte on July 8 at midnight.

Though Brazil and Germany won world champion title together for 8 times, but they met each other at world championships for only once. In 2002 in the final round, Brazilians defeated Germans with 2:0 score and won FIFA World Cup for the 5th time.

Last time they met in 2011. In the friendly match in Germany, field owners won with 3:2 score. Compared with that game there have been only 2 changes in German team, but 6 persons are left in Brazilian team from the starting lineup, two of whom- Tiago Silva and Neymar can’t play today (the first is disqualified, and the second had a serious injury from the previous match).

Though Brazilian team is the host, but bookmakers estimate teams’ chances equal.