Annually 10 percent of RA population migrates (video)

There is no serious privilege for Armenians in the RF Migration constitution, is sure demographer Ruben Yeganyan.

“The issue of Armenian migrants’ entrance into that country isn’t solved, I haven’t noticed any serious change, I don’t see any separate approaches towards Armenia in that law,”- said the demographer.

Yeganyan doesn’t think that migration issue will be solved after joining the Customs Union, “I don’t think that those restrictions will disappear, the solution of the issue is still in an uncertain phase, theoretically I don’t see any development in that law change for Armenia,”- added the demographer.

The number of Armenian population continues to fall, alarms the demographer, “Annually we lose 10 percent of our population, and mainly young people leave, year by year our demographic data will worsen,”- noted Ruben Yeganyan and added that it will influence also the economy, which will have negative effect on the country.

The demographer doesn’t connect Armenians permanent migration issue with Armenian mentality, “In general it is connected with social and moral- psychological factors.”