“Hrayr Manukyan’s mediator with NSS was MOE Advisor”

There is no inner problem in “Heritage”, Stepan passes to research work, Hovsep remains a member, office was closed, as we have financial problems, we moved. Today it was announced by “Heritage” party head Raffi Hovhannisyan turning to Stepan Safaryan’s withdrawal from the party and Hovsep Khurshudyan’s leaving the Press secretary’s position.

“After the conference NSS tried to recruit our members. It is a counterargument for all those, who say that “Heritage” is in this or that line. We will defend Hrayr Manukyan and department members by all political and legal ways. Today Mr. Manukyan will present an announcement to the prosecution, his mediator with NSS was MOE advisor,”- informed Raffi Hovhannisyan turning to NNS’s attempts to recruit party member Hrayr Manukyan.