Three defendants on Vernisazh case: Advocate doesn’t agree with the charges

The accusation of the victim Valery Hovhannisyan of May 17 Vernisazh shootings case is considered illegitimate by his defender Levon Baghdasaryan.

“He is accused of hooliganism, but we have another opinion. He is at prison hospital and his health condition is not so good,”- advocate Levon Baghdasaryan said to A1+.

We remind that on May 17 near Vernisazh, NA BHK Deputy Karo Karapetyan’s son-in-law Gor Arakelyan, had a dispute with Nerses Melkonyan and Valery Hovhannisyan. There was quarrel, 5 persons were injured as a result of shootings- Valery Hovhannisyan and his friend- Nerses Melkonyan, as well as casual passers-by.

Now all three are detained. NA BHK Deputy Karo Karapetyan’s son-in-law is accused of murder attempt, and the injured Nerses Melkonyan and Valery Hovhannisyan are accused of hooliganism.

By the way, Levon Baghdasaryan hasn’t visited his defendant at prison hospital, as he doesn’t have relevant credentials.