Everyone should demand resignation of Serzh Sargsyan – says civil activist (video)

“It is wrong to fight against the increase in gas and electricity tariffs. All problems will be solved if we are guided by one common agenda, that’s we should demand the resignation of Serzh Sar.gsyan and change of power,” civil activist Sargis Gevorgyan told A1+ on July 7.

“If everyone understands this, then we shall have a single agenda. And if we add the demands of the four non-governing forces to all this, we can achieve our goal,” said the member of the opposition Armenian National Congress (HAK).

Sargis Gevorgyan does not understand why civil activists do not want to cooperate with political forces. “There is no logical explanation for it. To exclude the possible cooperation with political forces would mean to avoid using all possibilities for achieving one’s goal.”

Anyway, the HAK member does not rule out that all forces will unite in the long run