Turkologist: Opening the border is not enough (video)

The opening of the Armenian-Turkish border will be a beautiful gesture by Turkey, Turkologist Artak Shakaryan told reporters on Monday.

“By opening its border with Armenia, Turkey will show the world that it maintains friendly relations with Armenia,” he said. Anyway, the Turkologist doubts that Turkey might open the border.

Mr Shakaryan says the opening of the border will be much easier than the ratification of the Armenia-Turkey Protocols.

“Erdogan cannot even put the Protocols to a vote as he does not have enough parliamentarians,” he said.

“If the border is opened, we must show the world that the opening of the border is a positive but not a sufficient step,” he added stressing that Armenia should force Turkey to open the border for freight cars and other vehicles as well.

Mr Shakaryan says Armenia will benefit, if Erdogan does not win the upcoming presidential election in Turkey. “If his contender beats him, internal upheavals will start in the country and Armenia can seize the opportunity to push forward with the Armenian genocide recognition.”