Seismic Protection Service: Rumours about earthquake are false and baseless

The rumors about an expected strong earthquake in Armenia are false, the Emergency Ministry’s Seismic Protection Service said in a statement.

“Two separate quakes measuring 3-4 and 5 that were reported near Armenia’s Vanadzor city on Sunday and early on Monday and were felt by citizens of Vanadzor and Spitak cities, have caused panic among people,” the  statement reads.

“The Seismic Protection Service has not spread any official information about an an expected strong earthquake. According to the law, in case of any abnormal geophysical changes experts analyze the situation and, if necessary, spread information via mass media. To this moment, experts exclude the possibility of a major earthquake and say there is no need to panic. Although 25 years have passed since the devastating Spitak earthquake, seismologists say the seismic activity in the zone has not died out and minor quakes and aftershocks are normal after massive earthquakes.”

The Seismic Protection Service recommends following its official reports and warns against believing rumours about seismic hazards.