Armenian Parliament Speaker meets Russian Armenians

On July 6, a delegation of the Armenian National Assembly (Parliament) led by NA Speaker Galust Sahakyan visited the Armenian Church complex in Moscow that opened in September 2013.

After a tour in the building, Galust Sahakyan had a meeting with representatives of the Armenian Embassy in Moscow, Armenian organizations accredited in Russia, as well as members of Armenian community.

“I am convinced that the shared responsibility we feel for Armenia will help us identify the potential of our common homeland, build a safer and more prosperous Armenia and strengthen the ties between Armenia, Artsakh and Diaspora. We can and we must build this kind of Armenia, we must try our best to maintain the ties between this triangle,” said Galust sahakyan.

Highly praising the parliamentarians’ visit, Russian Ambassador to Armenia Oleg Yesayan and Prelate of the Armenian Diocese of Russia and Nor Nakichevan, Archbishop Yezras Nersisyan said they expect it to give fresh impetus to both inter-parliamentary ties and the interstate relations.