Drought threatens Armenia

Lack of water is expected in Armenia because of climate change. Soil humidity decrease, pest insects increase, pastures reduction are expected because of climate change. In the conversation with A1+ noted UNO Climate change convention expert Aram Gabrielyan.

According to the expert, most of all agriculture will suffer from the climate change, “Dryness increase is expected in Armenia, which will influence ecosystem and a number of spheres of economy will become vulnerable,”- said Aram Gabrielyan and added, among the main risks for our country are also land desertification and drought.

According to the expert, during 1953-2012 air temperature in Armenia increased by 1.03 degrees. Gabrielyan informs that according to studies, during the same period precipitations amount fell by 10%, “Climate change has direct influence on natural ecosystems, biodiversity and water resources,”- he stressed.

At the same time Aram Gabrielyan stressed that according to climate forecasts, air temperature in Armenia will rise by 1-1.2 degrees until 2030, “Global warming will influence Armenia a little more- 20-30 percent and it is because of the geographic position,”- explained expert Aram Gabrielyan.