Colombia restfully prepared for the match with Brazil

July 4 was announced a holiday in Colombia, though it is neither Independence, nor Constitution Day.

It turns out that the country’s Government has made such decision in order people can prepare for Football World Cup ¼ final Brazil-Colombia match in restful conditions.

It is already the fifth holiday in Brazil, so that people can follow and support their national team.

Brazil team is considered the main favorite of the championship, yet Colombia is considered middle level team. Yet at this world championship Colombians show the most spectacular and efficient game.

Today two young stars of the championship- Brazilian Neymar and Colombian Khames Rodriges, who have shot 4 and 5 goals accordingly, will compete against each other.

We must note that last four matches of the teams were a tie. Brazil defeated Colombia 11 years ago, and Colombians defeated Brazilians in 1991.

We also note that at the last two world cups Brazil was left out after ¼ final and Colombia will try to overcome this barrier for the second time.