What will give EEU membership to food industry? (video)

The process of joining the Eurasian Economic Union won’t be easy also for food producers. International financial corporation “Food security improvement in Armenia” program expert Ara Karapetyan finds that there is still much to do, “Even disciplined people of Belarus have big problems,”- he said.

Program head Maya Tevzadze stresses the importance of legal field regulation, she considers other problems solved, “Justice process is the same for the EU and the EEU, legal demands slightly differ, changes must be made,”- she said.

Armenia doesn’t have serious problems in food security, and the legal field is in the phase of compliance. Thinks Food security state service head Abraham Bakhchagulyan, there is one problem, “We must learn to keep hygiene.”

While the experts are conforming the laws, businessmen are counting their benefits. Specialist in beekeeping, businesswoman, “Multi Agro” scientific-industrial center director Roza Tsarukyan is sure that the sector will develop after joining the union, “If there have been 77 thousands bees in Armenia before, now there are more than 600 thousands and the number is increasing every day,”- she said to A1+.

Businessmen get new opportunities to enter into new markets. In the field of meat exportation, they stress not only the importance of ready-made production, but also raw materials.

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