Erdogan promises to open Armenian-Turkish border?

Candidate in Turkish presidential elections Recep Tayyip Erdogan is going to do the second step towards the resolution of Armenian-Turkish relations.

This information has been spread by Turkish electronic websites, as a source citing oppositional “Taraf” periodic. The article titled “Erdogan’s second gesture to Armenia” is widely spread by Turkish electronic media. The article below:

First step: condolence letter

Ahead of 2015, Armenian Diaspora carries out wide range of activities to introduce the world what happened to Armenian people in 1915. “Justice and development’ party took measures to reduce the influence of campaign initiated by Armenian side. The first step was Turkish Prime Minister’s condolence letter directed to the grandchildren of Armenians under ottoman rule killed in 1915. The condolence letter was also published in Armenian.

Second step: border

In the second phase, Turkish Government plans to open Armenian-Turkish border closed because of Karabakh war in 1993. There is information that Prime Minister Erdogan has already ordered to finish the preparatory work of opening Alijan border checkpoint.

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