“Money is under your feet, bow and take it” (video)

“Clay is unique and thankful material, it returns the love you have given, you must love in order to play with clay,”- every morning master ceramist Barsegh Harutyunyan starts his work with these words. While speaking about his working material, the master always notes that clay is a child, you must take care of it, you must wrap, love and play with it, “I may say that I process the clay like my grandfathers. By the way, clay and paste are alike in the form, it is drabbled, puddled and rolled,”- continued the ceramist.

56-year-old master remembers that since 6-year-old, his only toy has been the clay, which has also made him a specialist. He also knows ceramics, he says that he mastered after falling in love with pottery, “I didn’t want to become a ceramist, the tool bribed me, clay transformed, bent again straightened and that process enchanted me,”- tells master Barsegh.

Master Barsegh confesses that the founders of pottery aren’t Armenians, the real masters of this work are Chinese, though still different nations argue whom belongs this craft, which is equal to art with its perfection. Instead, he says that pottery is on the base of Armenian culture.

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