“The knock at the door” bothered Turkish Government (video)

American Armenian writer, the author of “The knock at the door” book Margarit Achemyan Ahnert is in Armenia. Today she met the students of Yerevan State University Journalism faculty, who were “Ester Achemyan” scholarship beneficiaries. She introduced how the book was accepted in Turkey.

The Genocide memoirs of author’s mother Ester Achemyan are included in the book, which have much bothered Turkish Government. The author informed about it.

“Independent of the Government’s opinion, this book is sold in Turkey very well. Many people have read it and accept the happening. Of course, there are also people, who don’t accept the reality,”- noted the author of “The knock at the door”.

According to the author’s words, the decision to write a book about the genocide came spontaneously. “My mother told her life story and I decided to write,”- says Margarit Achemyan and adds that her goal was that the reader can learn from the witness’s memoirs, what happened in 1915.