How Syrian Armenians find jobs? (video)

20-year-old Shant moved into Armenia from Syria with his sister 2 years ago. During this time, he hasn’t managed to find new friends, as he works as a waiter for 13 hours a day. But he managed to find time for realizing his childhood dream. He is allowed to attend hairdresser’s courses with the permission from the workplace. “When I was a child, I was playing with my mother’s hair,”- tells the young man.

Engineer Ani Karagulyan had a high paid job in Syria. Here the engineer couldn’t find a job, so she works as a hairdresser.

Another Syrian Armenian- Yoland Hadat dreams of opening his private restaurant. He has done the first steps during special cookery course for Syrian Armenians.

Whether it is chicken, fish or sweets, 18-year-old Syrian Armenian Anna Burujyan’s secret of making tasty dishes is clear, “If you work with devotion, it will be good, but if you work with anger, it won’t be good.”

All these Syrian Armenians study at French-Armenian professional teaching center. The courses are implemented by “KAZA” Swiss humanitarian foundation with the financing of UNHCR. According to foundation representative Marine Tunyan, the 50 percent of project graduates will find a job, “At this moment different organizations apply to them.”

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