“The Afrikyan’s building died, what else could we do?” (video)

The workers are dismantling the last stones of the monument behind the Afrikyan’s building metal walls. There are no activists at the other side of the wall. Helena Melkonyan assured in the phone conversation with us that their absence doesn’t mean termination of the fight, “We won’t stop fighting, the owner and the city government must be responsible for every destroyed stone,”- she stressed.

“Preserve the Afrikyans building” initiative member Shoghakat Vardanyan confesses that they have made mistakes, but they will continue the fight within the limits of law, “As the illegality is very much from the opposite side, last stones are being dismantled.”

“Activists have done everything possible,”- thinks “State needs victims” NGO head Sedrak Baghdasaryan. But what could they do against Police forces, which were much more? “People want to express their opinion, they beat for that,”- says our speaker.

Yet, Mr. Baghdasaryan has to note that the Afrikyans building died. So we have lost 14 monuments- the 6th from the buildings, the danger is yet to come and threatens 8 monuments.