Girls don’t swim in Berkanush, it’s a shame (video)

Every time Ararat region Berkanush community fields’ irrigation is turned into a feast. It means swimming possibility for children of the village.

“It is very hot in our village, we swim here every day,”- says Gor Alexanyan.

Though the water is dirty, it isn’t a barrier for the children. The warnings of adults are also useless.

“Once my grandmother said that it is dirty, but I don’t care,”- adds Hunan Harutyunyan.

By the way, though everybody is complaining about the hot summer, but only boys swim in the so called pool, as they say, entrance is closed for girls, “We won’t let, it’s a shame,”- say the boys.

Real pool and other places of entertainment are dream for these children. The village is becoming empty. The last official data was formed in 2011, when the village had 2070 residents. The main problems of the village are the lack of irrigation water and poor condition of village roads.