Zakharyan explained how we bought electricity from Georgia (video)

Today RA Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Yervand Zakharyan repeated what has been announced by the supporters of electricity price increase for months.

“This process- price increase is inevitable, as Armenia’s energetic security and energy systems future stable work is connected with it,”- at the meeting with the journalists announced the Minister, at the same time stressing that the price increase isn’t a pleasant work.

Armenian public services regulatory commission decided that the price will increase from August 1 by 3.5 AMD.

Yervand Zakharyan considered the announcement that Armenia buys electricity from Georgia nonsense.

Today he tried to explain it, “Since 2009 Armenia has got gas from Iran and has provided electricity instead. From 2009 till now 2 billion cubic meters gas has been received and 6 billion kilowatt / hours electricity has been provided. During that period, there was reconstruction work, so that we can fully supply electricity to Iran instead of gas, during that reconstruction some electricity was taken from Georgia. Those processes were implemented with different negotiations. Annually only 50-60 millions electricity was taken, there can be no word about purchase, all those are speculations and aren’t real,”- stressed the Minister.

Yervand Zakharyan also turned to Metsamor nuclear plant. According to him nuclear plant’s construction will cost 300 millions dollars and will take 6 months, “More concrete periods will be cleared out and there will be some change in the work after opening the reactor,”- said the Minister and added, “The government has project to build the second unit of thermal power plant of Yerevan in 3-4 years, which intends more convenient prices and is beneficial for us.”