Action starts at Saryan 22: People demand to open the road

In front of the building of Public services regulatory committee, at Saryan 22, “I am against electricity price increase” initiative’s action has started. Inside the discussion on this topic has started, but civil activists aren’t allowed to take part in it.

Here at Saryan 22, action participants demand from the committee to make a sensible decision and not to increase electricity price, which will deepen the poverty and despair in the public.

The number of protestors is more than 100, here are also policemen, whose number is the same. They closed the road to the committee, blocking not only protestors’, but also pedestrians’ way. Yerevan vice Police head Valery Osipyan noted that Police works within the limits of law and there are no violations of law, “Don’t worry, if residents want to pass, we will let them.”

Hayk Avetisyan from the activists called the policemen with a loudspeaker to open the road, as they violate the public order. Osipyan wanted to apply to the participants with a loudspeaker, but they didn’t let by crying, “shame, shame”. At this moment protestors are demanding to open the road, but in vain.