Prosecutor demands 6 years and 6 months for Volodya Avetisyan (video)

Six years and six months…

This is the prison term prosecutor Henrik Papikyan demands for jailed reserve colonel Volodya Avetisyan who has been jailed on fraud charges since September.

The prosecutor says both the preliminary investigation and the trial proved that the defendant was guilty. Also, he said the lien on Avetisyan’s personal property cannot be removed. At the same time, the prosecutor underlined that Avetisyan has three minor children.

In his motion Henrik Papikyan requested to seize $2000 from Volodya Avetisyan in compensation despite the fact that Henrik Zakaryan did not lay any claims. The money should be sent to the state budget.

Volodya Avetisyan refused to testify in court, saying the case was politically motivated.