Writers in Armenia outraged by Davutoğlu’s statements (video)

The situation is very awful in Turkey,” writer Artem Harutyunyan told reporters in Yerevan on Monday. He has recently returned from Turkey where he participated in a poetry competition and took the first prize.

“The political situation is tense in that country. The country is facing major problems with socio-economic injustice. There were protests and demos everywhere in the streets. Police accompany demonstrators everywhere with dogs,” the writer said adding that the situation in Turkey directly affects Turkey-Armenia relations. “Turkey is not going to recognize the Armenian Genocide. Given its internal problems, the country is trying to coax European countries and win dividends. And now Turkey is arming the opposition in Syria.”

Writer Merujan Ter-Guloyan, referred to the recent statement of Turkey’s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu who expressed hope that Armenia and Armenian Diaspora will take ‘bold steps’ similar to the condolence address issued by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan ahead of the April 24 Genocide anniversary. The writer says the Turkish official is attempting to distort the facts. “If someone who is not well aware of the conflict reads these statements, he or she might think that Davutoğlu is raising an interesting and harmless issue and it is Armenians who do not want to negotiate with the other side.  In fact, his words are outright lies addressed to the world, rather than to Armenia. Turks know that we shall not accept this,” he said.