“Turkey will not change its attitude towards Armenia, even if Ban Ki-moon becomes its president” (video)

No matter who becomes the next president of Turkey, the country will not change its position or attitude towards Armenia, Turkologist Ruben Melkoyan told reporters on June 30.

Turkey is due to hold a presidential election on August 10 after incumbent Abdullah Gul’s seven-year term expires.

“Turkey has an anti-Armenian political system and the system will remain the same even if [United Nations Secretary-General] Ban Ki-moon is elected as President of Turkey. The country needs to carry out systemic changes,” said Mr Melkoyan.

Speaking about the latest article of Turkey’s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu in which he referred to Armenia-Turkey relations, calling Armenia for an immediate dialogue, the Turkologist said, “Davutoğlu is also a theorist but his theories are doomed to failure. Davutoğlu is experiencing a crisis both as a political figure and as a theorist. Turkish officials will voice many non-constructive opinions before the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.”

At the same time, Mr Melkoyan says one need not downplay Turkey’s steps.

The Turkologist says Armenian diplomatic corps responds to Turkish diplomats on different levels and in different ways.