Father neither saw nor spoke with Hayk Kyureghyan

Father of Hayk Kyureghyan- Armenak Kyureghyan is happy that a case was initiated against the policemen in the SIS. We remind that Hayk Kyureghyan fired in front of the Kentron and Nork-Marash administrative areas Court of General Jurisdiction on June 12.

“There isn’t a precedent in Armenia, when a policeman is subjected to sanctions, but I think that it is right,”- it was informed A1+ by Armenak Kyureghyan.

According to the SIS, Hayk informed that police officers used power against him while detention and in the section’s building causing bodily injuries.

31-year-old Hayk Kyureghyan is arrested for firing from a pistol toward the policemen near Kentron Court on June 12. He is in Nubarashen prison.

According to his father’s words, after June 12 he neither saw nor spoke with his son, “I don’t understand why,”- asks Armenak Kyureghyan.

By the way, Hayk Kyureghyan’s defender is Ara Zakaryan instead of Anna Juvanova.