Manure in front of Gaspary’s house

It’s already four days, civil activist Vardges Gaspary and his family members have to pass over manure while leaving the house. This was informed A1+ by the activist.

According to his words, the manure appeared in front of their house after he had held an action in front of Serzh Sargsyan’s house with “More insidious, undignified than the last pimps” poster in his hand. With this protest Gaspary responded to the harsh actions of the policemen against the protesters of electricity price increase action.

According to Gaspary’s words, he phoned Serzh Sargsyan’s staff head Vigen Sargsyan for removing the manure, but in vein.

“They want to make me silent with such actions. The government, who made my fellow citizens silent with Cheryomukha bullets, tries to make me silent with manure,”- noted Vardges Gaspary.

He is not going to clean that manure.