The enemy fired green rockets

Yesterday, at 22:30 Azerbaijani side fired green rocket at Tavush region Aygepar village. It was informed to A1+ by Aygepar village head Andranik Aydinyan.

“A green rocket was fired at the village, in order to light the village and started to fire from big caliber weapon until 01:30,”- he noted.

According to Andranik Aydinyan, Azerbaijani shootings damaged the gas pipeline of the village, “Several houses’ roofs, walls, windows were damaged, dry grass of one of the houses was burnt, residents extinguished it with difficulty,”- added Aygepar village head.

He also added that they are clearing out material damage amount.

And yesterday from 10:30 to 01:20 the enemy fired at Tavush region Movses village.

According to Movses village head Ararat Avalyan, Azerbaijani side shootings damaged villagers’ house windows, doors, “Bullets hit houses’ walls, even a bed was fired, a man was at home, the bullet touched next room’s bed. It was wholly burnt,”- said Avalyan.

According to the words of village head Ararat Avalyan, now there is calm in the village, the enemy doesn’t fire.