What will Brussels’ events give to Armenia? (video)

It is not possible to change the course of history: with these words Ukraine President Peter Poroshenko signed Deep and comprehensive free trade zone agreement with the European Union in Brussels. Besides the course of history, the pen was also unchanged, which was made during Vilnius failed ceremony for signing the same document. Today Moldova and Georgia also joined the European Union market by signing the Association Agreement.

“Heaven isn’t expected for these three countries at once,”- “Human rights and democracy institution” NGO founder, politician, advocate Armineh Arakelyan breaks all the stereotypes. The fact is that Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova join 500 millions population European Union market.

Armenia will only benefit from these processes, thinks economist Tevan Poghosyan by assuring that Eurasian Economic Union won’t be a barrier.

Armineh Arakelyan doesn’t consider Eurasian Economic Union fulfillment realistic, instead she is sure that Europeans won’t lose their interests toward Armenia.

Thought the fields of investigation of the economist and the politician are different, they agree in one thing, Armenia must preserve its sovereignty.