“I must have beaten the policemen in front of the presidential” Shant Harutyunyan regrets (video)

“Tseghakron” party head Shant Harutyunyan regrets that he didn’t do some actions on November 5. “I must have beaten the policemen in front of the presidential”, today announced Shant Harutyunyan at the Court.

Today the prosecutor read fourteen defendants’ charges.

According to him it is has been proved that the defendants implemented violence and hooliganism against the government representatives.

The defendants didn’t accept the accusations and announced that they aren’t hooligans. Sevak Mnatsakanyan added that they are so far from hooliganism as the government from the state thinking.

Armen Hovhannisyan, whose precautionary measure- imprisonment, wasn’t changed by the Court, announced that they have been kept in governmental exile for already eight months and they struggled for homeland freedom.