School director is frightened: it smells like migration (video)

Gegharkunik region Areguny village is inhabited with Armenians, who have left Azerbaijani Shamkhor region. Now people are leaving it, but not Nersik Petrosyan, “I have means to leave, but I have cemetery here, my father and mother are buried here.”

This person repairs village school windows with “Tapan” Ecological club means. He didn’t learn new technologies of repairing old windows easily. School director is frightened, it smells like migration, “You thought them, they will go abroad, the village will become empty.”

Environmental organization director Hrant Sargsyan says, specialists from Kiev thought us, but we didn’t leave the country. First of all learn.

“Tapan” Eco-club public ecological organization president Hrant Sargsyan is excited, children living in this high mountainous zone mustn’t get cold in their classrooms any more, windows are repaired with new technologies, loss of temperature is excluded, “The less those heaters burn, the less vapor and carbon emissions there will be, air will be clean for children.”

The organization repairs Tretuk village school windows with the same technology.

According to Tretuk school physics teacher Vilen Arevshatyan, “The degree of cold is not important here, storms are awful, when wind is strong, it blows through the windows and it gets colder.”

The teacher of physics personally repairs the windows. He came to village from Yerevan and didn’t go back, instead of military service, he came to this high mountainous village for teaching, “I want to live in the village, the most important is clean air, now when I go to city, I can’t walk on the streets because of cars’ smoke.”

Both Areguny and Tretuk are border villages. In the first village the number of pupils increased by 7. In the second- the number has fallen by 40.