Dream night at Yerevan Zoo

On June 28 Yerevan Zoo will be open for its visitors from 09:30 until 16:00. Then an event under the headline “Dream night in Yerevan Zoo” will be held in Yerevan Zoo, during which more than 60 disabled children together with their parents, siblings and caregivers will be warmly welcomed in the zoo. A unique program – a special guided tour in the zoo, with direct contact to the zoo animals, is prepared for the guests.

The program of the event will also include a special part under the headline “Make a Child’s Dream come true”. The organizers alongside with supporters will try to fulfill the wishes of the invited children.

The mission of the event is not only complimenting these children, who struggle for life and their place in the world with an unforgettable evening, but to raise awareness about the issue that these little ones are often marginalized by our society.

“Dream night at Yerevan Zoo” is an annual event organized in dozens of cities around the world.

Yerevan Municipality Information and Public Relations Department