How disabled people will reach free parking (video)

“Disabled people problems in Yerevan” discussion initiated by “Media Center” started in Yerevan Lovers’ Park.

“The municipality intends to import 10 buses for disabled people,”- at the beginning of the discussion announced Yerevan Municipality Staff Social Security Department Deputy Chief Mher Baghdasaryan. Besides, according to him, the municipality intends to have special parking for disabled people, and the parking will be free for them.

“I welcome special parking provision to disabled people, but there is another question, can a disabled driver approach to the car and get into it,”- expressed her concern Disabled people interests protection national coalition president Zara Batoyan.

“Unison” NGO head Armen Alaverdyan calls our architects not to build ramps while planning buildings, but to build free entrance.

“2014 is different from other years, as this year more money is provided to the urban development projects for disabled people, and this year’s achievements are the result of our joint work,”- stressed Mher Baghdasaryan.