“Tigran is with us”: present Prime Minister about the former (video)

Before the HHK session, Hovik Abrahamyan answered journalists’ questions. Speaking about the appointment of Tigran Sargsyan, he noted, “Bravo, I am very happy, Tigran is with us.”

Tigran Sargsyan didn’t want to answer whether there is tension between him and Police Chief Vladimir Gasparyan, he only said, “Police Chief doesn’t work bad.”

Hovik Abrahamyan doesn’t know about the last announcements of Robert Khocharyan. We remind that BHK member Stepan Margaryan told the press that cooperation is possible between Robert Khocharyan and the four, as his estimations are the same as those of the four.

“I was in Karabakh for 2 days, I don’t know, but I think, that Government is ready to discuss any meaningful suggestion.”

But Khocharyan’s office rejected the news on the cooperation a day before.