“Smile heartily”: Ella from Yerevan (video)

“Smile heartily”, with these words Tatevik Hovhannisyan started her meeting with journalists, she was called “Ella from Yerevan” referring to Ella Fitzgerald. First lady of soviet jazz, who has also lived in the birthplace of jazz- the USA, and has had a great career there, today and always smiles heartily and sings with her soul.

“From afar the homeland is sweeter. It isn’t easy to be cut off the roots,”- says the daughter of Ofelya Hambardzumyan.

“There is no musician not to walk on thorns. You must work. And for work you must have safe living. Maybe by God’s will I met my 20-year husband in New York, who became my trust, as I don’t have cunning, mine is the stage,”- sincerely said the singer.