“RA authorities are responsible for Azerbaijan’s accusations” (video)

Advocate Larisa Alaverdyan estimates Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliev’s speech from the PACE tribune with one expression- political obscenity. Aliev’s words on the snipers especially angered Larisa Alaverdyan, “Doesn’t he know that the snipers fire at peaceful citizens, which is always shame for any soldier.”

At the same time human rights first defender doesn’t reject that RA authorities are responsible for Azerbaijan’s accusations, “I repeat, those are our missed actions. Instead of being ashamed, Azerbaijani President presents accusations.”

“Free democrats” party vice president Anush Sedrakyan doesn’t harry to blame someone for Aliev’s speech. Azerbaijani President is a tyrant and his speech both inside the country and outside are far from diplomacy and civilization norms.

“It is natural, those speeches are for increasing his inner rating, as the majority of Azerbaijani public and, alas, also a part of Armenian public, loves pompous speeches.”

Anush Sedrakyan calls Armenian public and authorities to be concentrated on inner campaign.